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When we talk about employee safety, it is a topic on the minds of managers across all business lines, and in all types of businesses.  From PPE (personal protective equipment) to vehicle safety to job safety; employee safety requires a lot of diligence, foresight, and reminders.  And any good manager will tell you they worry about their employees’ safety.  Most established businesses have a training program of some kind, formal/written, on-the-job, within employee handbooks, or a combo of things.  I recently read an article about UPS and their 3 principles to promoting driver safety, and while every business can’t afford a slip and fall machine to safely practice walking in icy conditions, you can be sure that these expensive measures weren’t taken because they liked spending money, rather because they value employee safety.  And, think about this, the leading cause of workers compensation claims are slips and falls!  So, around here, you’ll here Averus managers talk about being ‘mindful’ and talking to their teams about being mindful of their surroundings, checking that PPE and training are used, and repeating training, especially seasonally or cyclically.  Our President, Joe Harvey, often reminds us that his first priority is keeping his people safe, that at the end of the day, they return home without accident or incident to the ones they love!  At UPS, they have a similar motto, that UPSers make it home safely, their most important stop of the day!  Safety is a requirement of the job!

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