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Is my hood cleaning company certified, are they insured, and does it matter?
You absolutely want to work with professionals.  You likely consider yourself a pro at your business and would want to work with someone that values being great at their job as well.  Certification is a way to ensure that the service you receive is professional and meets the normal standards for an industry.

The question about certified and insured hood cleaning is a common topic even within industry circles.  How often do you need to confirm your HVAC tech is qualified, you may feel confident he or she is qualified because they are within an industry you expect to have some sort of certification or state licensing, and with that insured as such.  We often hear from customers surprised to learn kitchen exhaust cleaning has no such requirements in most cities and states across the United States (limited jurisdictions do have requirements).   Kitchen exhaust cleaning is mostly lumped in with janitorial cleaning rather than with other licensed fire prevention services.

Hood cleaning companies enter and exit the industry often.  Costs are significant for intangibles such as insurance, training programs, quality control programs and other items.  Many large service companies, including Averus, use a combination of in-house training programs and on-the-job training to build-up quality service teams.  Training programs drive-up cost and yet when a customer looks at competitive bids, they don’t know if they’re comparing apples to apples.  Are higher prices for a better service worth it to you?

After 30 years in the industry, we’ve had our share of customers that have decided to cancel us over price, and the opposite, who’ve experienced the service one expects when the price is too good to be true and then the service happens and is far less than expected.  We’ve also had many customers return after they canceled due to price.  We understand that you may need a bad experience to value a good one.

Get to know your provider, ask questions. Don’t accept that all service companies are alike. If your business means everything to you, partner with a team that values their business in the same way! Call Averus, 800-393-8287, for more information or a free quote.

Article updated May 15, 2018

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