Averus Corporate Responsibility

We are always looking for ways to conserve resources and reduce our impact on the environment, while maintaining the high-level of service our customers expect. Since 2006 we have worked to reduce the amount of paper we consume and with improvements in technology we have steadily reduced our use. We started with the simplest change, double sided printing, then we developed e-billing practices that were available to customers of all sizes. Beginning in 2012 we started developing technology for tablet and hand-held devices, rollout began in 2013 completion among all divisions and lines of business set for completion in 2015. This has saved almost a million pieces of paper in 2014 alone.

As a service company we have a large fleet, so the price of fuel and fleet efficiencies are an area of continuous review. In 2011 we began a concerted effort to upgrade our fleet to more fuel-efficient vehicles and by 2013 our entire fleet of service vehicles had been transition and was comprised of Transits, new Chevy vans, and Nissan vans, significantly reducing the overall consumption of fuel, and lessening our impact of carbon emissions on the environment. We also work to position branches and team members close to customers, to reduce travel times as well as fuel use and carbon emissions.

Recently our processing plant located in our Chicagoland area Headquarters was outfitted with an industrial water filtration system. The system captures waste water from our service area, filters it and removes contaminants, which we are able to reuse.

These are our main focuses at this time, but acknowledging our actions and impact to the environment are inherent to our business and operations. As a family business we are committed to operational efficiencies and reducing waste in all areas of operation. Carpe Diem!