Since 1988 we’ve been working to forecast customer needs and provide solutions. We developed proprietary technology to assist managers and operations/facility teams.

Reporting – Recap of service, Budget Forecasts by Store, Deficiencies by Store
Invoice Options – Web Billing, E-billing, Email, Consolidated/Batched, and Budget Our Secure Key and Code Program – Started in 1994 (insured/bonded)


In 2004, we pioneered the picture program that revolutionized the industry and became an industry standard operating procedure.  Technicians take digital images of your service area, those pictures are reviewed by their supervisor, account manager and/or our deficiency manager. We print the pictures on your invoice or email them to you automatically because your peace of mind is not just important, but priceless, and your confidence invaluable.

Of course, that’s not the only way we ensure you’re getting the most comprehensive service. Every crew has a direct manager, supervisor, or account manager to oversee them! Every AVERUS team member begins with training, hands-on and classroom: from our technicians and managers to our customer service and sales reps. And it doesn’t end there, after initial training our comprehensive monthly training program continues to address new products, best practices, and industry changes.