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image1Spirit of Service!

How do service companies like Averus, develop, encourage, reward and overall foster a spirit of service? Service industries across the world work to define and exemplify top service levels. According to Forbes ( the global average across all companies in all industries is 86% customer satisfaction. Imagine that 14% of your customers were unhappy, were unsatisfied with you. Yikes! And what makes a customer satisfied isn’t necessarily that they had an issue or that they didn’t. Many customers report they are satisfied, despite having an issue; others unsatisfied despite no service issue.  In our services of fire protection and life safety, generally a preventative maintenance, service is an expense that seems unnecessary. Not that our customers don’t value their property, thir business, their staff or customers, most absolutely do. But to convert that into appreciation for fire protection is not as obvious as it would seem.  And that feeling you got what you paid for is a discussion for the ages.   We always want a deal, we always want value, but a valuable service that is also a deal is an anomaly in nearly every service or product.   You have to build value for your customer. Even though the service is not substantially different, the experience feels better, easier, or faster. That is how we capture that 14%. And to do that, at Averus, we give our customers many outlets to contact us about their service. CustomerService@Averus, 800-393-8287, our Facebook page are the three most commonly used when a customer contacts us, but we also work on a proactive basis, with follow-up contact through email and phone calls, on-site visits and other ‘proprietary’ methods. There is one sure way to keep customers happy, and that is to keep your team happy, empowered and informed. Your people, your teams, want to be recognized for their efforts, a pat on the back, or  plaque on the wall, a lunch with the boss; it all starts with knowing your people. Happy people rub off on others, customers included. This is the spirit of service, the spirit of someone who enjoys the service they’re providing. At Averus we work to reward our people when they make a customer feel that they went above and beyond, even when they were just doing their job. I often ask the question, if a fireman never had to risk their life in a fire because our team prevented the fire from happening, aren’t our people just as honorable? I think so!

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