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10 tips on Deep frying a Turkey

Fried turkey is my family’s favorite Thanksgiving treat, it is also the most dangerous to prepare. As we anticipate the taste of that crispy bird, please consider a few tips before deep frying your turkey.

1.) Although it may seem obvious, refrain from drinking alcohol until the frying is done.

2.) Know how much oil will be displaced in the pot with the turkey. We have all seen how the oil can spill out onto the ground and can be a fire hazard as it comes into contact with the flames. Before filling the container with oil try this easy trick. Place the turkey into the pot and fill with water. Once the water has just covered the turkey, stop. Remove the turkey and mark the water line or measure the amount of water in the pot; this will assure you are placing the correct amount of oil into the metal container. If the liquid is at the top of the pot with the turkey, you need a bigger container!

3.) Assure the turkey is completely thawed and dry inside and out. Oil and water do not mix. Frozen or water coated turkeys are an explosion hazard.

4.) Pick a spot more than 10’ away from your home to fry. Many of us have seen on social media people deep frying in their garage or close to their homes, it never seems to end well.  *Do not fry on a wooden deck!

5.) Consider protecting the surface under the fryer as oil may drip or spill out.

6.) WEAR PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)!! I know some of you may be saying, “Come on! I am not at work!” Folks, boiling oil is dangerous. Please wear gloves, an apron, a face shield, long sleeves, and paints along with proper foot protection.

7.) Have a game plan before frying. Know your times, temperatures, and ‘what-if scenarios’ so those around you know what to do in case of an emergency.

8.) Use the buddy system. Don’t perform this activity by yourself. Have someone standing at the ready with a fire extinguisher.

9.) Protect the propane container and hose going to the fryer.

10.) Watch your bird as it fries. Assign a person to keep an eye on the turkey while it cooks to assure a fire does not occur.

Please have the correct and large enough fire extinguisher on hand.  To put out a fire we must know the basics (PASS) and understand the hazard. Ask, does your solution meet or exceed the hazard; If you are unsure, ask a fire professional.  Lastly, remember, turning off the propane is essential to stopping the heat and flame when extinguishing a fire; this is fire triangle 101 (Heat, Fuel, Oxygen.)

From our Team at Averus, we wish you and your families a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

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