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First things first, is fire prevention or fire protection something my business is required to have?  Yes. Fire protection requirements are established and enforced using a multitude of authorities and regulations, some authorities include your insurance carriers, health inspectors, fire inspectors, building inspectors and other Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Typically AHJs adopt code within their jurisdiction based on a variety of standards, including International Code Council (ICC), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and recommendations by equipment manufacturers along with OSHA and DOT requirements. Can you do it yourself? Certain items, like creating an implementing fire safety plans, completing monthly visual inspections of your extinguishers and reviewing facilities for possible fire hazards, along with working together with fire protection vendors is imperative (especially if your service provider has made a notification to you about a fire hazard, or other items of concern). Your AHJ will likely require a professional (consult with your AHJs for specific requirements about certification or licensing).  With so many requirements, standards and codes to consider, it’s best to have a knowledgeable team on your contact list.

Averus is here to help you and to work as your vendor-partner.  We work with you to identify what the code requirements are in your area and we’ll work with you to develop a plan to keep your building fire-safe. We’ll provide a no-cost quote, then customize a preventative maintenance schedule with you, recommend service frequencies based on NFPA and even contact you to schedule service (if you don’t call us first).  Remember to always call your fire protection and kitchen exhaust providers to reassess your fire service needs any time you remodel, including adding or removing walls, changing operations, adding or changing the location of cooking appliances or volume of cooking, as many factors impact NFPA recommendations and other code.  It’s more than just service, it’s a piece of mind, it’s knowing you have a team of experts behind you, 24/7! Contact us today to learn more and to work with the industry-leading team at Averus!

Revised May 15, 2018

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