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AVERUS comes from the Latin root word for truth, ver. It is one part of our promise to provide transparency in our service, by providing comprehensive and tailored communication that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations, raising the bar by listening to our customers and delivering true performance. We work hand-in-hand as your vendor-partner. Committed to providing you with value and safe operations. These values have helped us grow and maintain our leading position in nationally self-performed Kitchen Exhaust services, national Fire Protection services, and Filter service. We service the entire United States with service from coast to coast, as well as Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. We provide service accountability, we care about every service, every customer, every employee, and partner, and it shows. Our customers include corporate chains, franchise groups, independent restaurants, retail customer, hotels, casinos, hospitals, supermarkets, country clubs, schools, food processing, and industrial locations. We are fully insured and bonded, with 30 years of experience keeping systems fire-safe; you can feel confident in our full range of innovative and professional Signature Service Solutions.


In 2017, Averus businesses completed 141,000 services and over 1,350 projects for our customers.  56% of our fire services, 96% of our kitchen exhaust services, and 100% of our filter services were completed by our own teams.  Our customer satisfaction rate has remained high, at 99.9%, making 2017 another year of exceptional fire safety in our 30-year history!


As if that wasn’t enough, we’re also able to provide industry changing up-to-the-minute data regarding your KEC cleans, fire protection services and deficiencies. Go online at your convenience or signup for auto emails to receive real-time work orders, invoices, pictures and deficiency notification. Our reports after each cleaning are thorough and transparent and only a mouse-click away.


With trucks and teams on the road nearly 24/7, we service local, regional, and national customers. Averus is unique, the only company of its kind in the United States providing fire protection and kitchen exhaust service from coast to coast with local and regional pricing. Our teams are always here to serve – we prioritize you, our customer. Call 800-393-8287 for more details today.


Averus is structured to self-perform almost all our hood cleanings and we offer fire protection services throughout every corner of the USA while adding an element of quality control over service and operations not previously available in the fire protection service industry – and we can work with your facilities team directly and/or with work order management software programs


Since 1988 we’ve been working to forecast customer needs and provide solutions. We developed proprietary technology to assist managers and operations/facility teams.

Reporting – Recap of service, Budget Forecasts by Store, Deficiencies by Store
Invoice Options – Web Billing, E-billing, Email, Consolidated/Batched, and Budget
Our Secure Key and Code Program – Started in 1994 (insured/bonded)

In 2004, we pioneered the picture program that revolutionized the industry and became an industry standard operating procedure.  Technicians take digital images of your service area, those pictures are reviewed by their supervisor, account manager and/or our deficiency manager. We print the pictures on your invoice or email them to you automatically because your peace of mind is not just important, but priceless, and your confidence invaluable.

Of course, that’s not the only way we ensure you’re getting the most comprehensive service. Every crew has a direct manager, supervisor, or account manager to oversee them! Every AVERUS team member begins with training, hands-on and classroom: from our technicians and managers to our customer service and sales reps. And it doesn’t end there, after initial training our comprehensive monthly training program continues to address new products, best practices, and industry changes.

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What Our Customers Have To Say

Brian Steiner (Chili’s ERJ Dining) wanted me to be aware that our team’s response to the two Fire issues, the Suppression Discharge on Friday (Sept 28) and Sprinkler Issue this past Saturday (Oct 27 F2245726), we’re handled with OUTSTANDING RESPONSIVENESS and they sincerely appreciate the turn around time on getting the stores back operational on these busy days.

Brian Steiner(Chili’s ERJ Dining)

I’m very happy to inform you that the NM main roof has cleaned today perfectly and looks like new ( the pictures have attached ). I appreciate the Averus crew for understanding and following our standards.

Anatoliy NepokulchytskNeiman Marcus

BEST cleaning EVER!! 100% thumbs up! We just had the BEST cleaning EVER!! 100% thumbs up, The crew went the extra mile and he is extremely impressed with how clean everything is. He asked that I please let management know how great of a job the Techs did!!

Alex Parraguirre