Reporting and Deficiency Program

NFPA, National Fire Protection Association, the standard referenced in Life Safety Code and others, requires service companies to notify their customers of any deficiencies found relative to the service performed, in writing. At Averus, we have a long established notification system we developed specifically for our industry and with our customer’s needs in mind. We not only identify the issues we can help to correct, but also those we cannot, and we reference the NFPA standard regarding the deficient item. At each service we create a deficiency notification listing all previously notified items, as well as any new items we noticed. We then mail, email, or fax to your location and/or facility manager, at your direction.

Any deficiency items we can assist in correcting, including installing ductwork access doors, fan hinges, grease filter replacements, hood globes, fan belts, and fan access doors will also include a quote should you like us to correct the item now or during your next service. The deficiency notification also includes items we’re unable to correct, but should be addressed by the appropriate trade, such as broken conduit, exposed wiring, breaches in your ductwork, leaking within the ceiling area, off balance fan and more.

Our goal is to prevent issues, aide in maintaining functional equipment and to prevent fire events. Deficiency items are generally not grandfathered within code because they address public safety. We employ a team of experts available to answer questions about the deficiencies within your system and our technicians receive ongoing training to help them to accurately identify them as well as any potential areas of concern. Here, at Averus, we incorporate our value system of being a vendor-partner in every aspect of our multiple services. We don’t just do our job, we do more, we open communication to facilitate solutions and we care about more than our bottom line, we care about yours, and that is why we don’t just say we are the industry leaders, we are – the largest service company in the USA of kitchen exhaust cleaning, filter exchange and fire protection!

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