Nothing is simpler, because our appointments revolve around your team and your schedule.  And you don’t have to mark your calendar, because we’ve already marked ours, when your service is due, we call you.  Of course, you can always call and speak with your dedicated Customer Service team at 800-393-8287 to schedule service whenever you like.  Should you have an urgent situation, such as a suppression system actuation, call the same number and emergency crews will be on their way, just like that.  Another benefit of being a self-performing, national service provider – our crews are positioned throughout the United States.


The day of your service, our team will contact you as a quick reminder of our arrival time and expected cleaning duration.  If you are part of our Key/Code program for cold-entry, this is our reminder to please remove food or cooking items from the direct vicinity.  We will also ensure any security or property managers are prepared to allow access to the ductwork and roof for that evening, often we will do those things for you; one less thing you need to worry about.  We also provide Certificates of Insurance as needed.


Our technicians follow a step-standard process developed over the past 25 years.   Your system is wrapped with plastic to ensure that your equipment is protected from the gallons of grease, carbons, and char that we will remove from your system using a process that includes scraping, degreasing and high-pressure washing.  Our cleaning includes the hood plenum, accessible ductwork and fans; we will clean at access doors within the duct and fan as well.  As we have done for over 15 years, all systems are thoroughly documented with pictures as service progresses.  These pictures help us to identify any items of concern or areas that need additional access for thorough cleaning.  We use pictures as part of our own internal quality control processes, we also make them available to customers in real time, with online access to our AverNet reporting tool, through auto-generated email and on your invoice.  Our technicians follow NFPA 96, developed within our best practices as well as in identifying deficiencies.

1, 2, 3, & DONE 

Upon completion of service our goal is to leave the work area in the same condition we found it and better.  We will apply a complementary Shine Treatment to stainless steel hood exteriors that are free of any documents or other items.  We also leave the filters out of the hood in order for your management team to inspect the cleanliness of the ductwork and plenum and will turn your fan on to aide in evaporation of moisture from the ductwork.  Our goal is to show you what exhaust cleaning is about, not so much the clean kitchen,  but the fire prevention and life safety service we are providing.  Should you request that filters be left in the hood, we will of course honor that request, but we want you to know a hood cleaning isn’t about cleaning what you can see, it’s about cleaning what you can’t see.  Lastly we will provide you with an invoice, that invoice can be mailed, emailed or faxed, based on your preference.  And finally, if we found any items that were deficient or in disrepair, we will send you via fax, mail or email, an explanation of our findings.

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