Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

Each year, 11,200 structure fires are reported by eating and drinking establishments, resulting in an average of $164.4 million in direct property damage.* Half of these fires originate in the cooking area, which can then explode into the exhaust system. Keeping a grease-free and fire-safe kitchen exhaust system can protect restaurants from fire damage. Regularly maintaining the kitchen exhaust system will ensure a secure environment for cooking. A system that is safely working at peak performance will ultimately lead to a working environment that’s cleaner, cooler and more productive for the staff. For over 25 years Averus has built a reputation for providing its customers fire-safe kitchen exhaust systems. We clearly understand the importance of a properly maintained kitchen exhaust system and what it means to your business. We also help make sure you’re always in compliance with the latest industry codes and regulations.

More Than Just Hood Cleaning

All Averus service associates participate in a comprehensive training program that provides the skills needed to get the job done right. Our experienced staff is focused on safety and efficiency, ensuring a job well done. Each kitchen exhaust hood cleaning service is completed thoroughly and with minimal disruption to your business. Qualified Averus supervisors oversee each project to make sure it goes according to plan, inspecting the entire cleaning effort for quality and completeness.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The Averus recipe for success combines three key ingredients: state of the art cleaning equipment, chemicals and proven techniques. This ensures that your entire system is thoroughly cleaned top to bottom:

  • Exhaust Hood Plenum
  • Accessible Horizontal and Vertical Ductwork
  • Grease Exhaust Fans

Count on The Red Carpet Treatment

  • Professional, courteous and efficient customer service associates
  • Flexible scheduling process to meet your specific needs
  • Pre-determined service appointments available
  • Averus associate available 24 hours a day in the event of an emergency

Averus Provides the Most Comprehensive On-Site Evaluation

  • A no-cost inspection of your entire kitchen exhaust system
  • Detailed system analysis, including access diagrams and photos
  • Exhaust system cleaning consultation
  • Identification of situations that may require corrective action
  • A detailed cleaning program customized to fit your specific needs