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A no-cost inspection of your entire kitchen exhaust system with 30 years of experience providing our customers fire safe kitchen exhaust systems. Each kitchen exhaust hood cleaning service is completed thoroughly and with minimal disruption to your business. Qualified Averus supervisors oversee each project to make sure it goes according to plan, inspecting the entire cleaning effort for quality and completeness.


Fire prevention services refer to the equipment within a business that is designed to mitigate fire events to save lives and property. Everything from extinguishers, sprinklers, and pull-stations to emergency lighting; each of these items is regulated by codes through organizations like OSHA and NFPA as well as maintenance procedures designated by manufacturers. According to OSHA, there are 70,000 to 80,000 work place re events each year in the US alone, with property loss of $2 billion annually. So, when it comes to your business and your people, you want the best, the experts that won’t cut corners to protect pro ts, the professionals that make prevention and code compliance easier to understand and make facilities, employees, customers, and assets — safer!


NFPA now requires that cleaning company are required to notify their customers of any deficiencies in writing of any deficiency NFPA cleaning standards.

Fire Extinguisher Service

A Fire Extinguisher can be the difference between a small fire and a larger, more serious one. It is crucial that fire extinguishers are properly maintained and operational at all times. Averus inspects fire extinguishers in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, NFPA 10 codes, and local requirements, and ensures they are mounted and functioning properly.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Keep the fire where it’s supposed to be. Whether you’re a local hot-spot diner, fast-casual, foodie favorite, food court, fast-food restaurant, cafeteria, deli, hotel, gourmet restaurant, or other food service kitchen, we can install, inspect, and service your fire equipment. Averus inspects your fire suppression equipment twice a year in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, NFPA 96, NFPA 17A, and state and local codes.

Exit and Emergency Lights

Don’t wait until you’re left in the dark. Our Exit and Emergency lighting program can help ensure your business is not only compliant with state and local code, but that you’ll be able to depend on your exit and emergency lighting when you need it most. Averus inspects your emergency lights and exit signs in accordance with Life Safety 101 requirements, including a required 90-minute load test.

Fire Alarm Systems

It is critical that your business’s fire alarm systems are functioning properly. Fire alarm systems provide an early warning that can prevent tragedy and automatically place fire calls in case of an emergency. This not only ensures the safety of you and your customers but ensures minimal damage in the event of a fire. Averus inspects your system to comply with NFPA 72 plus all state and local fire codes.

Sprinkler Systems

In those first moments of a fire, before help arrives, a sprinkler system may prevent a fire from getting out of control. It also becomes the first line of defense when a building is unattended. Regular maintenance, inspection, and pressure testing are essential to help ensure a sprinkler system operates properly when needed. Averus takes care of all the details, inspecting sprinkler systems in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, NFPA 13, NFPA 25, and state and local codes.


Backflow Prevention Assemblies

Many businesses don’t realize the importance of properly maintaining and inspecting their backflow prevention assembly. If not tested regularly, a backflow assembly malfunction could contaminate your local water supply, leaving you vulnerable to unnecessary liability. Averus performs routine testing to ensure you comply with state and local codes.

Grease Filter Replacements for Exhaust Hoods

Averus provides UL listed, replacement filters for your hood: aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized, spark-arrestor, as well as custom gap fillers. Our baffle grease filters reduce the amount of grease-laden air that escapes into the ductwork and exhaust system. These filters also serve as a firebreak, controlling cooking flare-ups by minimizing flame penetration beyond the filter area. Did you know, a clean filter can remove up to 35% of grease laden-vapors from your exhaust?! Clean filters also provide a cooler work environment in the kitchen. We take filters seriously, it is important you never cook with gaps or missing filters! Call us today to order at 800-393-8287.

Access Panel Installation

If we had a fairy godmother in the construction industry, we would wish for all exhaust ductwork to run straight from the hood to the fan. Until our dreams come true, we have to focus on making your existing ductwork accessible, because if we can’t reach it, we can’t clean it. Averus can provide suitable access to your kitchen exhaust system to ensure proper and thorough cleaning, often we can install these items without the use of other tradespeople, but when needed we are happy to coordinate our efforts. Per code, access is required at every turn of the duct, as well as in horizontal and some vertical duct runs. Averus installs UL-listed access panels, in accordance with NFPA 96.

Fan Hinge Retro-Fitting

In accordance with NFPA 96, Averus will install hinge kits on the base of the exhaust fan. Fans can then be safely tipped and cleaned without damage to the fan, conduit or the roofing system, resulting in reduced wear and tear of the fan and roof. Unhinged fans must be removed from their curbing to clean the fan blades. Fan access doors can also be installed to clean the tops of fan blades.