Shopping Cart Cleaning & Sanitizing

According to researchers shopping carts have more germs than a public restroom. Shopping cart cleaning is becoming such an issue that many states are pushing to pass laws requiring facilities to clean and sanitize their shopping carts. Sure there are sanitizing wipes available, but did you know that in order for the wipe to sanitize the area it must have a dwell time of up to 12 minutes while wet. Averus currently services many locations around the country cleaning and sanitizing their shopping carts on a weekly basis. Our Shopping cart and sanitizing services include, steam cleaning shopping carts with up to 250 degree Fahrenheit, hot enough to kill bacteria; And chemical free all natural sanitizer application, only needing 60second dwell time to kill 99% of bacteria.  Call today to begin your shopping cart cleaning and sanitizing program and protect your customers. 

Bacterial Contamination of shopping Carts and approaches to Control

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Placing children in grocery shopping carts has been implicated recently as a source of infection with Salmonella and Campylobacter in young children. This study was conducted to assess the occurrence total bacteria, coliform bacteria and Escherichia coli on grocery shopping cart handles and seats. A total of 85 shopping carts in parking lots of grocery stores were tested in five major metropolitan areas across the United States. The total numbers of heterotrophic bacteria were as great as 1.1 × 107 on the handle and seat. Coliforms were detected on 72% (62) of the carts. E. coli was identified on 18 of 35 carts (51%) on which coliform identifi- cation was conducted. The results of this study suggest the need for improved sanitation of shopping cards/baskets to reduce exposure to pathogens and potential transmission of microbial infections among shoppers.

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